7 Facts about Chitika ads for beginners

Chitika ads is a great solution for publishers willing to place profitable ads in their websites, with millions of dollars of ads revenues distributed annually to Chitika publishers, it's a sophisticated choice.

Chitika ads system is "PPC" or Pay Per Click, that means advertisers are billed every time a visitor clicks on the ad, and publisher earns money from these visitors clicking on the ad too. But there's something unique about this Indian company, Chitika ads simply don't appear if the visitor came directly to your website by typing website name in the browser, they have to get to your website from search engines to see the ads, this makes Chitika more reliable and trusted by publishers.

Fact 1:

Chitika name means "Snap of fingers" in an Indian language, it's a symbol of how fast Chitika ads display on your website.

Fact 2:

Meanwhile google adsense minimum payment threshold is 100 $ and don't pay you through paypal, Chitika ads minimum payments threshold is 50 $ if you want your money via cheque, and only 10 $ if you want to be paid through paypal, and you're paid monthly or whenever you want to withdraw your payments, great I guess.

Fact 3:

Do you have so much traffic from USA and Canada? if yes then here's a fact for you: Chitika ads is extremely suitable for you, publishers who publish content suitable for North America citizens earn the most from Chitika and acquire the highest CPM.

Fact 4:

Chitika ads relies on a smart system (Algorithm) to catch exactly what user is willing to find and displays the exact ad regardless of the website content, so user finds ads related to his interests not to what he's reading about.

Fact 5:

Statistics proven that +90% of internet users use mobile phone regularly, so It's possible to resize Chitika mobile ads for better monetization, This gives a great opportunity to publishers who their main traffic comes from mobile devices

Fact 6:

There's a referral program in Chitika! Yes, every time you refer Chitika to a friend you earn 10% of what he/she earns, this maybe the reason behind Chitika's popularity, everyone loves money and this is exactly what this ads network provides, money.

Fact 7:

You can get your Chitika account approved within 7 days of admitting! It's that easy, but you don't expect personal assistance as Chitika don't provide personal ads representative, but within around one week of submitting your request you'll get approved as long as you meet system requirements.